NZ Concept Testing — Test Tank

Opinion Compare Test Tank

Got an idea that you think is going to fly, but need the confidence of a large audience to back you up? Looking for market validation in New Zealand?  Well we’ve got our very own ‘shark tank’ ready to evaluate and review your next idea. 

Have 500 Kiwis, representative of the NZ population, critique and review your latest and greatest ideas in our very own ‘Opinion Compare Test Tank’. With years of experience in this field, we’ve built this survey specifically to give you a meaningful and actionable appraisal of your ideas. For more information on exactly what we ask, click ‘More Information’ below. 

It’s one thing knowing what our audience think of your idea, but we’re sure you want to know how you compare against other ideas that we’ve tested. We provide benchmark norms to assess your idea against those we’ve tested before.

As this is a standardised questionnaire, we have the ability to give you results in a timely manner meaning you can move to the next stage of your idea (or head back to the drawing board). 

What do we test?

Any images, videos or other multimedia content as well as text based ‘concept boards’. If you’re not quite sure of how you want your idea to look, let us know and we’d be happy to shape it into something that gives you maximum return on your investment.  

What do I get back?

We’ll deliver a raw Excel output with key demographic data appended. We’ll also produce a scorecard report with key metric scores, benchmark averages and an executive summary of key results.

Where do I sign up? 

If you want any more information from us (including costs), just click on the link below and a member of Opinion Compare will be in touch shortly. We’ll give you a call to make sure that the Test Tank is right for you, plus outline timings and next steps. 

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