NZ Research Services

We provide a range of ways to get the insight you require. Traditional qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are covered but we bring new and different thinking and approaches to the table if called for.  Read below to get more information about our services including our two most popular products, our NZ omnibus survey and our concept testing solution - Test Tank. 

NZ Omnibus Questionnaire

Get quick insights with a small number of questions that doesn’t require a full service study or get regular benchmarking to see how opinions change over time.  The Opinion Compare Omnibus Questionnaire is a great way to make fully informed business decisions for a low cost.  Click here to read more about our NZ Online Omnibus Survey.

Test Tank — NZ Concept Testing Solution

Jump into our Test Tank with 500 Kiwis ready to give their opinion on your latest concept or idea via our standardised survey.  Our concept testing solution is the perfect place to turn to when you have questions like “What colours would my customers prefer?”, “Do people actually understand what we are selling?”, “Is my product and packaging unique”.  
Click here to find out how to get your concepts tested and benchmarked quickly with Opinion Compare Test Tank.

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