Data makes the world go round and at Global Compare Group we collate, manage, store and interpret thousands of data points every week.  With more than one million consumers utilising our consumer tools each year we are gathering data from users with active purchase intent. 

Visitors to our sites are tracked and captured as audiences.  These audiences can then be used onsite or offsite (programmatically) if you have a data management platform or trading desk .  This allows partners to access an audience with high levels of intent programmatically and continue to market to this audience on other websites.

Within our Opinion Compare market research panel we have thousands of targeting filters and demographic profiles available to segment and target consumers to accurately attract and engage with your target market, in order to achieve sales.  

Through Broadband Compare we have been collecting broadband plan price data for each internet service provider since January 2016 and we have it in full detail, monthly by product components.  We can supply data in a range of formats, through easily digestible business information products to full granular data to allow you to conduct your own research and competitor analysis.

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