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Power Compare helps Kiwis find the ideal power company with the best power promo from across all New Zealand providers. Simple, easy to use and full of great power deals, Power Compare can help you find the power provider with the best sign up deal, one who offers spot prices or the company with the best customer reviews. Whatever you are looking for in an NZ power company, Power Compare can help.

The Power Compare database of NZ power companies and NZ power plans is one of the most comprehensive in the country. We compare a huge range of power plans and power deals from over 30 different New Zealand power providers. From companies who offer power and broadband bundled plans to no contract power deals or power companies that suit a poor credit rating. Power companies offer a range of deals for new customers, from sign up bonuses to prompt payment discounts, we compare all the deals. In addition to sign up bonuses, there are often other, softer features to compare. These include which power company has the best customer service or the power provider who offers a loyalty scheme or predominantly green energy.

Changing needs

The majority of New Zealand consumers who switch power provider do so at a point when they move house or due to a major change in life circumstances. At the point of moving house you will not yet know the average energy consumption or the average bill for the new property, as such we heavily weight the Power Compare rating towards power companies who have introductory offers and new sign up offers for power switchers that offer, in our opinion, the greatest value and improved cash flow for a household at times which you may have other expenses.

Power Compare does not currently take into account your actual energy consumption and does not currently incorporate electricity prices on a kWh basis into our rating. With a new breed of power companies coming onto the scene offering different ways of pricing as well as additional features and benefits there is a range of factors to consider in addition to the kWh price alone. It is here that power Compare helps most through summarising the various plans available and helping to educate on the options available in the New Zealand power market.

Power Compare Rating

The default listing of power plans on our power comparison results page is according the Power Compare rating. The Power Compare rating is based on a number of factors including user reviews on the Power Compare website, features and benefits a power company offers, such as smart meters, green energy or loyalty points and the introductory offer and sign up deal that is available when you switch to a new power company. The Power Compare rating may change for each Power Compare user as they will have a different address and a different set of requirements and elements that are of most importance. The Power Compare rating does not take into account your actual energy consumption and does not currently incorporate electricity prices on a kWh basis into the rating.

Power is one of the biggest expenses in a New Zealand household… so it could pay off big when you switch power provider
A large part of the Power Compare rating is based upon the introductory offers that a power company will make available when you switch and as such, the best power deal as based on the Power Compare rating will often be based upon the dollar value of the sign up promotion offered

Our power comparison tool is quick and easy to use and ideally suited to home movers, students or regular switchers to name just a few. The Power Compare website allows you to tailor your search to include the most important features for your power plan. You can filter the available power plans at your address to find the perfect power plan for your requirements. Just pop your address into our Power Compare website and in a matter of seconds, you'll be able to compare power companies and electricity and gas plans available at your address… as well as view a range of the best power offers and power deals.


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