The story of Global Compare Group begins in 2015 when Gavin Male and Aleksei Korneev met in New Zealand.

Gavin and Alex had both recently moved from overseas and were frustrated with the process of signing up for new services and utilities like broadband, power, and financial services. 

As neither knew local providers or local brands, they struggled understand which company offered the best product and service. They found existing NZ comparison sites to be outdated with inaccurate data and unfair comparisons – and missed the comparison sites they had used in their homelands. 

Gavin and Alex were inspired to create a fair, informative and helpful solution, accessible to everyone when making a major new service purchase.

The first Global Compare website to launch was Broadband Compare in June 2016. Gavin and Alex partnered with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), to create a set of comparison tools to help customers compare the options and make the right choice when choosing broadband plans.  This model has flourished, with Power Compare, Mobile Compare, Money Compare, and Travel Compare all launching over the next couple of years.

At Global Compare we are passionate about creating a world where a fully informed choice is the only choice.