Business Model

How does our service model work?

We work in partnership with service providers across a wide range of sectors and industries – whether their goal is incremental sales conversions, new user acquisition, or increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Our users visit Global Compare’s family of companies because they want to make the best choice for their home and family. 

The typical user is busy with the important things in life – things like family, work and enjoying their social life. They are motivated to choose the options that give them the best value, rather than simply finding the cheapest choice and our tools aid brand and product discovery for . 

When it comes to ‘life admin’ decisions like choosing new broadband, power financial services, or other utilities, they want to keep things simple. They don’t have the time to visit or contact each provider individually to check their options. Rather than choosing the cheapest option, they prefer to have all the information in front of them to make their own decision. 

That is where Global Compare’s family of websites come in – we provide user-friendly tools that allow customers to compare plans side-by-side to help them choose the products and services that are best for them. We make life easier for our customers by presenting all the options, allowing them to compare price, features and add-ons and choose the plan that’s best for them. 

Here at Global Compare we believe that an informed decision is the only decision. Everyone should have access to a fair, informative and helpful tool when choosing new utilities and services.