How we create value

At Global Compare Group we believe in creating value for both our customers and our partners.  Through focussing on a long term, sustainable partnership our platform will deliver incremental value for all parties.

For our customers

We believe that fair, easy-to-use comparison services should be available to everyone to help them make fully informed purchasing decisions. 

We are a discovery platform helping to create a world of informed shoppers 

We aim to provide our visitors with the tools and information they need to easily compare utilities and services available on the market. Our easy-to-use tools create a discovery platform to help customers explore the range of features and options available to them, compare them side-by-side, and choose the option that’s best for them. 

A trusted source of information

We are committed to building strong bonds with our customers and partners, this has allowed us to become a trusted source of information for our large established customer base.

Overcome choice paralysis

When faced with too much information, consumers can often experience choice paralysis and ultimately choose to make no decision (or a poor decision).

Empower consumers

We represent a large pool of customers actively shopping, and ready to sign up for a new service. This gives us invaluable data and information about the features and benefits that are most important to consumers. This allows us to work with service providers to negotiate exclusive deals and offers that delivers what is important to the customer, and that delivers great conversion rates. 

For our partners

Global Compare Limited have a successful, simple success-based revenue model. We work in partnership with service providers in our industries – whether their goal is incremental sales conversions, new user acquisition, or increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Provider relationships

We ensure that we build strong relationships with providers to identify opportunities to help our customers including market leading exclusive products and deals

Performance based results

We are ideally placed to partner with service providers – whether their goal is new user acquisition, or increasing brand awareness and recognition. Global Compare can help service providers create and maintain longstanding relationships with their existing customers and drive new visitors and potential clients to their websites. 

Customer driven platform

Our first priority is to focus on the optimisation of our customer journeys, making our sites easy to use on a variety of platforms. 

Data driven aggregation

Our modern, flexible and secure platform enables us to personalise customer experience, helping customers make informed choices about which product to choose in a simple and convenient way. 

Scalable platform

Our systems are robust, flexible, secure and scalable across our different channels ensuring we can adapt and meet the needs of our customers and service providers. 

Targeted decision process 

Customers tend to visit our family of sites because they are actively shopping around for a new service and ready to switch.