Mobile Compare

Mobile Compare offers an easy to use tool to help you decide on which mobile handset is best for your needs. Compare smartphone handset features like camera, display type, storage, security capabilities and more across a range of the best smartphones available in NZ.  Mobile network plans and plan price comparisons are COMING SOON.

Mobile Compare was created to help Kiwis distinguish the main features and benefits of the different handsets and manufacturers in the increasingly confusing world of smartphones. With an emphasis towards the most popular handset manufacturers in the world, the initial version of Mobile Compare is focussed around a direct comparison of the makes and models of Apple and Samsung - the two manufacturers of the most popular phones in the New Zealand marketplace.

Ready for an upgrade?

With the major smartphone handset manufacturers releasing a new flagship model, on average, every year, it can be challenging keeping up to date with the new technology and knowing if the time is right for an upgrade.

Mobile Compare helps to make knowing the changes and upgrades simple. With a clean and clear, side by side comparison of the major features and specifications of each handset make and model, Mobile Compare allows the user to identify the features that are of most importance to them and make a simple, and quick, comparison.

Currently comparing 14 major elements of leading handsets the Mobile Compare website allows the user to compare simple options like phone body colour through to more technical features such as PPI Pixel Density and screen to body ratio. To use the website just select your current smartphone make and model and in a matter of seconds, you'll be able to compare your smartphone with the latest models from major manufacturers. Find all of the features and info you need to compare and choose the best smartphone at Mobile Compare.

The future of Mobile Compare

With three major networks operating across New Zealand and a number of smaller mobile phone companies reselling across these networks NZ Compare has identified the need for a dedicated New Zealand mobile phone comparison website.

With a number of different network providers across New Zealand there is a patent need for a quality mobile comparison tool in New Zealand and Mobile Compare (v 2.0) is road mapped for launch in the second half of 2019. The new Mobile Compare website is being designed to take the effort out of finding the best mobile tariff for your budget with all the features you need to connect with the world. The custom search algorithm will find exactly what you are looking for and return accurate, trustworthy search results based upon your needs. By including all of the network providers AND the network resellers we will be able to provide you a comprehensive result meaning you can select the right product, at the best price.

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