Money Compare

Money Compare is a free, online comparison service that allows Kiwis to compare thousands of financial products. Whether you are saving or borrowing, Money Compare has tools, calculators and filters to help you make an informed financial decision as well as saving you time and money. 

Registered as a registered financial services provider - FSP610730 - Money Compare was created by Global Compare Group to help consumers make better financial decisions. By creating Money Compare we are empowering Kiwis with information and product details to help assist them in making an informed choice on the financial products that are available in the market. We have ensured that the Money Compare website is easy to use, honest and transparent and in doing so we will enable Kiwis to take greater control of their household finances and financial decision making.

Spend less and save more

Everybody in New Zealand has a number of financial products and yet there remains a general lack of understanding around which products offer the best value for the buyer. By using Money Compare to research, compare and, if necessary, switch, Kiwis will be able to improve their general understanding of financial products and save significant money on their credit cards, home loans, personal loans, and KiwiSaver expenses. Whether you are borrowing or saving we’re not here to judge, at Money Compare we just want to empower you to make the very best financial decision possible.

Compare all types of finance

Saving accounts, credit cards, home loans, personal loans or KiwiSaver, Money Compare features them all. You may be looking for a credit card but aren’t sure what card offers the best value. Money Compare can help. Different credit cards offer very different features and benefits and whatever type of credit card you are looking for, Money Compare can help. From 0% balance transfer cards to credit cards designed to help you build your credit rating on Money Compare we compare them all.  Saving or borrowing, Money Compare helps Kiwis to make an informed financial decision and save time and money.

More a saver than a spender?

With the Money Compare Kiwi Saver comparison you may find that you can save significant expense on your KiwiSaver management fees AND find a better performing saving plan. With well over 200 Kiwi Saver funds being offered by dozens of KiwiSaver scheme providers choosing the most suitable one can be disheartening. Money Compare can help you reduce the number of providers you’re considering and make a more informed decision.

Money Compare exists to provide you with the data and information to help you compare financial products and make a more informed choice on the financial products you believe are most suited to your needs. Through providing a trustworthy and impartial platform for financial providers and customers to come together Money Compare helps to foster a greater understanding of financial products that helps Kiwi households to take control of their household finances.

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