A typical Kiwi family spends on average $12,000 per year on grocery shopping. The actual costs vary quite significantly between regions and stores. Furthermore, the average family spends hours every week shopping for groceries and traveling to and from the store. Hence, grocery shopping requires a great deal of time, effort and costs for almost everyone. These are the main reasons why online grocery shopping has increased in popularity in recent years.

To compare prices to find the cheapest power, broadband or mortgage feels like a given these days. Especially, considering the number of consumers that comparison shop for these types of items... Groceries, oddly enough, has been an exception.

Our mission is to change that by giving everyone the means to compare grocery prices from all shops.

We want to make it as convenient and easy to compare food and groceries when you shop and we are convinced that it’s easiest to do it online. Everyone should be able to add items seamlessly to a grocery shopping cart after having found a tasty recipe on a review site or after an inventory of the content of the fridge. This is more difficult to do if you have to wait for a day or two before you visit a physical store. Furthermore, if you could seamlessly find out where the best deals are and where the total cost is the lowest, then we believe that this is the most effective way of shopping for groceries. 

Many grocery stores claim that they have the lowest prices, but with our services you can quickly verify this and also optimise for the lowest cost for the entire shopping basket. This is important since pricing fluctuates from one week to another.  With FoodMe, you start using the service by entering a postal code of the stores in your region, then simply compare the prices of products on your list.  We have a range of exciting developments planned but even today you can start using FoodMe for your grocery shopping and start saving today.