NZ Research Panel & Insights

We provide the means for business decision makers to quickly get quality insights from New Zealanders, at an affordable cost.

Obtain quality insights quickly

With our extensively profiled panel we are able to quickly identify the NZ’ers you need to connect with, to provide you with the information that you need.

We provide the insights you need ‘right now’ to keep your business moving forward

Our approach is to provide you with what you need to make immediate business decisions.  Our agile business model means we can provide you with whatever you need.  From ‘bite sized’ amounts of information at regular intervals to large scale ad-hoc research needs, we work fast to deliver insight so you keep up with consumers in this fast paced world. 

Why use Opinion Compare?

If insights and market research is new to you, or if you’re looking for a fresh approach – you have come to the right place. 

We pride ourselves on working together with businesses that have regular insight needs as well as businesses that believe that insights will help them make a better business decision but have no idea what to do or what questions to meet their needs.

With fresh ideas and different approaches to gathering and interpreting research, generated by a team with varied but complementary backgrounds, you can be assured that Opinion Compare will deliver you the insight that you need to make better business decisions.

We can provide as much or as little support as you require – our focus is simply to make sure you have the support and information you need to get what you need to address your specific business requirement. 

See more details on some of our Research Services including our NZ Omnibus Survey and Concept Testing products, or if you require a bespoke research solution then contact the team now to discuss your requirements.