Online shopping

The average Kiwi finds the process of researching major household purchases, from broadband and power to dishwashers and televisions, difficult, time consuming and confusing. This is why NZ Compare was founded, we’re Kiwis helping Kiwis.

Throough our brands, PriceMe, FoodMe and FreeVoucherCodes we offer couponing and comparison tools that allows our customers to easily compare products, retailers and prices to make an informed choice about which purchase is best for them.

We’re passionate about creating a world where a fully informed choice is the only choice.

All of our online shopping sites aim to provide our customers with an accurate, fair and informative way to save money and compare retailers stocking the product they are looking to buy. This allows them to feel confident when they choose the best product and retailer for their needs. We understand that the process of choosing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, it’s not always about the price point battle. Our comparison websites compare far more than just price. Comparison features vary by product type and retailers and product listings include hundreds of user generated reviews to help consumers make their choice.

As a trusted source of information to a large established customer base, we are well-placed to partner with New Zealand retailers. By increasing the number of products and exposure across the PriceMe website you will have greater opportunity for growing market share versus your competitors, retaining customers and increasing brand awareness and recognition in target vertical markets. 

FoodMe offers a similar service to consumers as PriceMe, but focussed on grocery costs.  As the price of food rises with inflation, ever more households are struggling with their food bills.  FoodMe helps them buy the products they need at the best prices.

For the savvy shopper, FreeVoucherCodes offers another way to discover new companies and products and make savings.  As online coupons and discount codes become more popular with the rise on online retailer, FreeVoucherCodes provides a great aggregation tool to allow shoppers to get the best possible value when they shop online.  For retailers with couponing programs, FreeVoucherCodes can help you attract new shoppers and increase basket value with spend and save coupon strategies and new customer acquisition offers.  Visit all the sites below.