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NZ Compare Awards 2022 – Call for Entries

Who are the best Broadband, Power and Mobile businesses in New Zealand?

16 August
Proposed Energy Reforms Turn Off Trust In New Zealand Government

The latest research undertaken by leading online research agency, Opinion Compare, has found that...

17 February
Don’t let the financial stress of Christmas impact the spirit of the season

A whopping 71% of kiwis agreed that Christmas is getting more expensive every year and for half (...

13 December
What were the biggest broadband complaints last year?

The Telecomms Dispute Resolution (TDR) service has revealed the top complaints of broadband custo...

12 December
Capital requirements: mortgage rate hike likely to be three times estimate

NZ Mortgage Rates and Borrowing rates are currently at historic lows, but the latest proposal fro...

10 December
Ultra-fast broadband now available at 1.5 million homes – but over 720k homes are missing out

The first phase of the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband programme has been completed ahead...

26 November