Opinion Compare

We’ve approached Opinion Compare a little differently than when building a traditional consumer panel. We aim to build a relationship and understanding of our members and treat them as people not as numbers. Our community allows members to come and discuss issues of note, to interact with us and each other and generally to enjoy giving their thoughts and opinions. Given we’re building a relationship with our members, we also ensure we treat them with respect. They are paid well for their time and in return we ask for their considered thoughts and honest feedback. All so that you can get the highest quality data that you can trust. 

As well as sample provision, with a background in research ourselves, we can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.

Newer to research, or don’t have the time? We are well positioned to understand and deliver to your needs to ensure you are making the best decisions for your business. Our industry expertise has seen us work with clients from to Alcohol to Zoos and in over 30 international markets. We apply this diverse experience to everything that we do and believe that we’re experts in using the right tools and methodologies. Some of what we’ve done for others are listed below but we’re in no way limited to these approaches.



The quantitative solutions that we offer to go with some of the questions that you may be wanting answers to…

  • Segmentation – getting a deeper understanding of the consumer subsets of your market based on their attitudes or their behaviours. 
  • Brand Equity – how does your brand look to a consumer, what does it stand for and where does it fit compared to your competitors
  • Brand Tracking – how is your brand performing, are you improving or are competitors stealing your share. Measure the effectiveness of your actions by tracking progress over time
  • Advertising Tracking – Are your messages being seen? Who’s seeing what you are selling and how is this changing over time?
  • Usage & Attitudes – Get under the hood of your category. The real way to answer the big 5W’s
  • Concept Testing – As well as our Test Tank, we can create bespoke concept testing studies if you need something more detailed to review your ideas


We love a chat. As well as continually engaging our members in discussions on the community platform, we can tailor conversations with your needs in mind. Qualitative research generally involves much smaller numbers of members but you gain richness through the level of detail and complexity of what is being communicated.

  • Online Communities – Take a smaller audience of our members and have an in-depth conversation with them. Just like a focus group, this gives you the opportunity to ask more detailed questions but generally over a period of between 1-7days. Gain greater insight through the ability to probe members, ask detailed questions and find out the why behind their answers
  • Online Focus Groups – Just like a focus group but run online, giving you the ability to bring together geographically disparate audiences, to ask more personal topics that requires greater anonymity, or just to save cost 
  • Focus groups – Conduct your own, or we can run these for you. Get a group of interest into a room for an in-depth conversation
  • Advertising Evaluation – A great opportunity to review broader territories or ideas with an audience that will share their reasons for their opinions.  

We know that research isn’t a one size fits all approach so let us know what your needs are and we’ll tailor the best approach to give you the insight you seek. 

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